FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Fort Bragg's garrison commander, Col. Stephen Sicinski was presented the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence by the Directorate of Logistics, Material Maintenance Department, Friday.

Robert Franks, DoL director, related the win to the Major League Baseball World Series saying that the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are the best teams out there but it takes them 80 years to win. For DoL, this wasn't the case.

"Last year we won runner up, this year we won. Job well done," said Franks. The AAME is one of the Chief of Staff of the Army, Combined Logistics Excellence Awards that is present annually to Army installations that have the best logistics programs. Last year, DoL's Material Maintenance Division was the runner up for the award. To win this year, MMD improved on some of their ongoing programs, said Joseph Karmazyn, MMD chief.

Karmazyn said Fort Bragg's DoL MMD continues to transform with the Army while implementing continuous process improvements to become the maintenance provider of choice.

The AAME award was presented to Sicinski a week after DoL's Transportation Division was named runner up for the Deployment Excellence Award.

"There's no surprise that you all won this award," Sicinski said. "Maintenance (employees) are the hardest workers out there, you work in rain or snow. I look forward to accepting this award next year."