Army Strategic Communication Calendar

What is it'

The Army Strategic Communication Calendar (ASCC) captures and displays events from across the Army and tracks them against the Secretary of the Army's and the Army Chief of Staff's communication priorities. It reflects the critical importance of the Army communicating with its internal and external audiences.

What has the Army done'

The ASCC is an AKO-based website, accessed via the link shown below with AKO username and password or Common Access Card (CAC). Army installations, commands, and agencies can enter their local events on the calendar and indicate which Army campaign and which of the Army imperatives (Sustain, Prepare, Reset, and Transform) they support. The four imperatives are intended to bring the force back into balance and to sustain a campaign quality, expeditionary Army.

Users also can see whether their events link or synch with those at other installations and at Army headquarters.

Why is it important to the Army'

By providing a broad, Army-wide overview of communication events in support of Army campaigns and the four Army imperatives, the calendar facilitates coordinated and comprehensive communication among and by installations, commands, and agencies to tell the Army's story. For example, the calendar lists all the Army's Community Covenant events.

The calendar also lists significant national or federal government dates. By bringing visibility to such dates, commands and installations can use them as platforms for communication initiatives at a time when audiences may have heightened interest. For example, with August 26 marking Women's Equality Day, audiences could be more receptive around that time to information on how today's Army advances diversity.

What is planned for the future'

The ASCC will continue to add more functionality and capabilities for the users. Currently, the technical developers are building the "Additional Information" section that will be included in the "Add Event" screen. The additional information section will allow users to track the projected goals they are hoping to achieve, the audience they are trying to reach, media invited and a section to add the implementation plan. After this is completed the developers will build the "Feedback" section. This will allow users to record if their goals were met, the audience that actually attended and the media products that were created from the event.


This calendar only works if your installation or command uses it. Enter information or see what's going on around the Army @ Army Strategic Communication Calendar portal