WIESBADEN, Germany - The consolidation of several Wiesbaden facilities offers Soldiers better training opportunities and stands as a memorial to one Soldier mortally wounded in combat.

Training Support Center Wiesbaden held an open house to showcase services and training functions available at Wiesbaden Army Airfield Buildings 1032 and 1638 and dedicated Building 1638 to the late Command Sgt. Maj. Eric F. Cooke who was killed in action while conducting combat operations in Baghdad, Iraq, Dec. 24, 2003.

"With the relocation and consolidation of the Wiesbaden Training Support Center into the two buildings on WAAF, we wanted to show Soldiers everything that they can use to be better at what they do," said Col. Jeffrey Dill, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden commander.

The process to consolidate the TSC\'s services from five locations to two began with the move of the photo and graphics studio March 1. As a result of the rearrangement, the studio is now located in Building 1032 with the training aids and devices depot, classrooms ready with multimedia equipment and audio visual support equipment that can be borrowed by units as required.

A new graphics self-help shop is available there also that consists of stencil outline, cutting and acetate for laminating charts or documents.

"The facilities have provided unit commanders time management ... consolidated training to be accomplished in a short time span," said Archie White, Regional Training Support Center chief.

Building 1638 now houses three simulators that allow units to train under one roof.

The Engagement Skills Trainer is an indoor multilane, multipurpose simulator that provides individual small arms, crew served and individual anti-tank training. The Call for Fire Trainer is a collective training system that provides a simulated battlefield for training Joint Fires Observers at the institutional and unit level. The High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle Egress Assistance Trainer offers Soldiers training aimed at reducing casualties suffered by HMMWV rollover accidents.

"Training has come a long way since 2003," said David Cain, as he looked over the offerings in Building 1638. "This is stuff we didn't have when we deployed. ... Nothing prepared us for that war."

Standing as a memorial to the late Command Sgt. Maj. Cooke of 1st Armored Division's 1st Brigade and one of the first casualties of the war in Iraq, Building 1638 embodies the Soldier's ideals.

"That's what Cooke was all about ... training Soldiers. To put his stamp or his name on something like this is perfect," said Cain, who served in the same unit and was three vehicles behind Cooke when the vehicle exploded as a result of a roadside bomb. "This is something Command Sgt. Maj. Cooke would have been proud of."

Call or visit the Training Support Center Wiesbaden in Building 1032 at mil 337-5006 or Building 1638 at mil 337-7612 for more information about services and training assistance available to units in the Wiesbaden area.