FORT BRAGG, N.C. - Rest assured, together as a team, Fort Bragg Garrison and XVIII Airborne Corps will protect not only the people on Fort Bragg, but help protect the community that surrounds and supports them.

On June 17, Headquarters, Department of Army announced Fort Bragg's "Team Protect," a combined effort between the XVIII Abn. Corps protection cell and the Fort Bragg Security and Intelligence Division, the winner of the 2010 Best Army Antiterrorism Program for a large installation.

According to a memo from Lt. Gen. Frank Helmick, commanding general for XVIII Abn. Corps and Fort Bragg, force protection is a top priority in order to prevent an attack and minimize the risks from all hazards to Fort Bragg's Soldiers, civilians, Families, infrastructure and information.
Together, Team Protect provides the most effective, efficient and holistic security approach to protecting Fort Bragg. Being the largest Army base, by population, Team Protect's program emphasizes awareness, preparedness, response and recovery measures for all hazards, especially terrorism.

"This couldn't have been successful (if) we (hadn't) worked together to move this program forward," said Col. Jon Drushal, corps' protection chief.

The key team players in making this program functional were the XVIII Abn. Corps, garrison, Pope Air Force Base, U.S. Army Special Operations Command and Joint Special Operations Command.
"As the premiere power projection installation for the deployment of airborne and special operations forces to trouble spots around the world, Fort Bragg faces a dynamic challenge to keep the installation and our population safe while accomplishing the multitude of missions abroad and at home," stated Helmick's memo.

But Fort Bragg and its population isn't Team Protect's only concern; it has also involved the community outside the secure gates of Fort Bragg. The team's philosophy is that: something doesn't just happen to Fort Bragg or just the community, it happens to everyone. It has implemented multiple sources for the outside community to work with to protect and minimize any threat or harm.

"My experience is that the relationship between the garrison, corps and tenant unit antiterrorism/force protection offices is unique," Drushal said. "Our winning (this award) is a reflection of the fact that coordinating these efforts (and) pulling resources is the model for the future."

Team Protect would like to remind everyone that if they suspect any suspicious activity, security violations, or possible terrorism threat to call 90-REACT (907-3228).

According to Helmick's memo, "In this era of conflict, the possibility of a terrorist attack is ever-present. We must never lose sight of our responsibility to protect our people, equipment and infrastructure at home and abroad."