FORT HOOD, Texas - In a ceremony June 24, Lt. Col. Lillard D. Evans accepted command of the 49th Transportation Battalion, 4th Sustainment Brigade, from Lt. Col. Peter M. Haas The change of command took place at Guidon Field with Soldiers, friends, and family members of Haas and Evans present.Haas, who was the 49ers Battalion commander for nearly three years, recently brought his Soldiers home from a year-long deployment in Iraq."I've had my time in command, a year more than I should have, and the Army says it's time to go," said Haas. "Change is a good thing and I know that under Lillard Evans' leadership, the 49ers will continue to do the great things that are expected of them."Haas thanked his 49er Family and the people he worked with during the past three years."Your support is critical to our work, and we count on it," he said. "You are the source of this nation's strength."Col. Ron Kirklin, the commander of the 4th Sustainment Brigade, talked about the battalion's many accomplishments while Haas was in command, and he welcomed Evans and his family."Lieutenant Colonel Evans is superbly qualified to command this unit," said Kirklin. "He brings a wealth of experience and fresh perspective to the battalion and the brigade."Evans, who recently arrived from Fort Stewart, Georgia, said that he is looking forward to leading the battalion."As we serve the two years in command, we will enjoy the trip along the way," he said. "We will train, we will operate professionally, we will serve the community, we will build teams and develop team players, and finally, we will continue to be the best movement control battalion in the United States Army."