CAMP RED CLOUD, Republic of Korea - As visitors in a strange land, many of you may not know all the wonderful sites there are to experience here in the Republic of Korea.

For this and future editions of the Indianhead, I will show you various places that you, your Family and friends may enjoy, which may offer an alternative to nightlife in the "villes" or just sitting around in your rooms on the weekends.

The first destination I would like to share with you is Building 63, which is also known as 63 City. It was built in 1985 and is located in Yeo-ui-do in Seoul.

Building 63 is one of the highest buildings in the Republic of Korea. It stands 264 meters high, which is only one meter less than Nam Mountain in Seoul.

When you arrive to the building, your first stop should be the ticket office located on B1. There is a sign on the first floor to direct you.

This facility offers four main activities: the Sea World aquarium, the Sky Art museum, an IMAX theater and a wax museum.

You can buy a ticket for just one or two activities but you'll get a discount for purchasing a "Big 3" and "Big 4" ticket package.

At the aquarium, you will see various fish, penguins, dolphins, seals and more.

The 63 Sky Art is an art gallery located on highest floor of 63 City. It is the highest art gallery in the world. They exhibit pictures and artworks of many Korean artists. The panoramic view allows you to see all of Seoul. You can also look through a telescope to see the city's landscape in more detail.

The 63 IMAX Theater features a huge screen that maximizes the human eyesight. They show a variety of movies including 3D features. You can rent a translator headset to listen in English.

The 63 Wax Museum exhibits the wax figures of many famous people, such as Vincent van Gogh, Jesus Christ, Benjamin Franklin and many famous Korean people and cartoon characters.

If you like to shop, a strip of stores is located on floor B1.

How to get there

Bring Korean Won to use public transportation.

* From Camps Casey, Red Cloud, and Stanley:
-By Subway: Take the dark blue line #1 to Incheon. Transfer to line #5 at Jongno3-ga station toward the Gimpo airport direction. Get off the train at Yeouinaru station. Use Exit #4 and you will see a tall golden skyscraper. Walk about 80 meters to get there or you can take a cab from any exit. If you take a cab, say "Yook-sam building please" to the taxi driver. "Yook-sam" is the Korean pronunciation of the number 63.
-By military bus: Take a bus in your post to Yongsan Garrison. Once you arrive to Yongsan, take a cab and say "Yook-sam building please" to the taxi driver. It takes 10-15 minutes to get there.

* From Camp Humphreys
-By Subway: Take the dark blue Line #1 to Yongsan station. Get off at Yongsan station and use any exit. Take a cab in the street and say "Yook-sam building please" to the taxi driver. It takes 15-20 minutes to get there.
-By military bus: Same as from Camps Casey, Red Cloud, and Stanley.

(Editor's note: when you take a taxi, it may take longer to get to your destination depending on traffic.)