HEIDELBERG, Germany - Entering the busiest safety seasons of the year, Installation Management Command-Europe safety officials have expanded the content of online safety resources to ensure Soldiers, Families and civilian employees have information they need to plan for a safe summer.

"It's very important our people have the information necessary to cultivate a safe working and living environment at our communities," said Michael Schwarz, IMCOM-Europe safety division chief. "Having a 24-hour-a-day online toolkit ensures people have informative resources they can use to plan their activities safely."

Among the newest additions to the IMCOM-Europe Safety Website is a link that leads to an Army Summer Safety Webpage as well as the USAREUR-built "Fight the Risk" Webpage highlighting safety information made available through a collaborative effort between IMCOM-Europe, USAREUR and host nation officials.

The IMCOM-Europe Website melded safety information to help everyone mitigate risk and create a "think safety" mindset in all aspects of Army community life, according to Schwarz.

"The 'Fight the Risk' campaign is a broader initiative that analyzes individual behaviors associated with accidents and safety risk in an effort to encourage and promote a safety culture," said Schwarz. "We also have a lot of 'tried and proven' information about preventing accidents and injuries during day-to-day scenarios such as bicycle riding, playing sports, traveling and more.

"The bottom line this year is that we want members of our Army community to 'play it safe.' The key plan factors for taking part in recreational activities, starting a fitness program or traveling must be safety: Think safety first."

The IMCOM Europe Website offers links to online safety resources individuals can use to plan trips and prepare for a full range of summer fun or official-duty travel and vehicle operations. It also includes a link to a Family Engagement Kit offering videos and information related to family safety.

"Our safety Websites and the associated content are intended to be a community resource for everyone. It's not just Soldiers; it's not just Families; it's not just employees. It's about our entire European community," said Schwarz. "It's very important that we all take safety personally and accept our roles for staying informed and being safety minded."

Schwarz explained that in order to stay on top of situational and seasonal trends, the safety Website is in a constant state of update to ensure information is current. Individuals should make it a habit to check out the resources prior to planning trips or gearing up for recreational activity.

"By being safety minded, you might prevent an accident or injury. By not being safety minded, you leave yourself open to risk. Individuals should play it safe and think safety," said Schwarz.