FORT JACKSON, SC -- Fishing is as American as baseball, Fourth of July and apple pie. Every year anglers take to the waters for relaxation, excitement and even for fillets.

Fort Jackson Outdoor Recreation sells nearly 1,000 permits each spring. Spring fishing fever can be a blast but also brings with it the opportunity for excess and error, so before you put a worm on a hook, follow some simple rules:

Everyone who plans to fish on Fort Jackson who is older than 16 must have both a current South Carolina state fishing license and a current post permit for fishing. Both are available at Marion Street Station during normal business hours.
Licenses and permits expired June 30. Fishermen will need new licenses as of today.

There are creel limits for every fish species and if those limits are exceeded, perpetrators will get more than a slap on the wrist.

Violators can be barred from fishing and/or hunting on post for three to five years, no questions asked. Violators also face strict fines. Beware and fish fair.

Creel limits per day per person are: 15 combined bream, bluegill, crappie or other sunfish, three catfish and three bass.

There are no size limits for fish on the installation, but don't be greedy; throw back the little ones so they can grow bigger and another member of our Fort Jackson family has the chance to catch them.

Night fishing is only allowed at specific ponds on the installation. The names of these and other fishing regulatory guidance can be found in Fort Jackson Regulation 28-4. Free copies are available at Marion Street Station.

Call 751-3484 for more information.

Editor's note: Dan Cain is with Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation's Outdoor Recreation Division.