CASEY GARRISON, South Korea - Soldiers, Civilians and Family members gathered in the new Community Activity Center June 26 to see the facilities and to enjoy an afternoon with a free buffet from Casey Garrison's Gateway Club.

The new CAC features a grand lobby with a check-in desk similar to those found in grand hotels. The foyer features an internet cafAfA with more than 20 computers waiting for community members to use and the entire building is also wired for wireless internet connection for those who want to bring their own laptops or notebook computers.

Most of the main features of the new CAC are along the perimeter of the three large meeting halls in the center of the building. On the south end of the building the community can enjoy a room full of large screen televisions sporting the latest in video gaming, while those wishing to play billiards can find a room full of billiard tables and table tennis just around the corner. There are 14 large screen televisions in the gaming room sporting 12 new gaming computers. There are six new tournament sized pool tables in the billiards room with more to come.

Many of the visitors were quick to praise the many advantages the new CAC has over the previous facility.

"This location is near the Casey Main Dining Facility and near the Fire Station, which is a lot closer to my barracks and on the way to the Post Exchange and Commissary," said Pfc. Leonard Tovar. "It is definitely in a better location."

Sally Hall, the Casey CAC manager, said there is much more than what visitors initially saw.
"We are still in the process of settling down," Hall said. "We have new programs coming such as a digital photo lab, which is coming soon. We have more activities coming and they will gain in number since we have actually expanded in our new space here."

Many have been waiting for the reopening, but have been confused as to where it was located. Although Hall and her staff have been busy with banners and other types of advertising, many are still asking where they are and when they will open.

"We are giving the community a heads up to what is coming soon," Hall said. "Many in the community do not know we have already moved. We are doing this event today to let everyone know we have moved and are open for business."

In the next several weeks there will be an official ribbon cutting, but for now the new CAC is open and ready to serve the community, she said.

"There are now many more Family oriented activities planned for the summer," Hall said, "so everyone should come in and take notice of the announcements and follow the news in the Morning Calm newspaper."

The day was replete with events, many unusual ones like Korean tea serving and many ordinary such as raffle giveaways. Korean style tea was served by Sue Harper, last year's Casey Garrison volunteer of the year, and Keisha Mimms, another CAC volunteer.

"This center is located in the right place being central to all the activities that happen on the garrison grounds," Hall said. "But most importantly, the community can reach us easier and we can serve everyone easier."