Jordan Dant
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CRANE, Ind. -- A Crane Army Ammunition Activity employee is enjoying a nice bonus in money for his ingenuity thanks to his suggestion for the Beneficial Suggestion Program.

Crane Army employee Jordan Dant received a cash award for more than $5,900. His suggestion to the program saved the Army $548,263.99 by reducing rejected material in the countermeasure program.

Dant observed that a funnel being used as part of the countermeasures program used more epoxy than what was really needed because of the length of a funnel being used, causing more rejected units produced. His suggestion enabled less epoxy to be used thereby reducing the number of rejected units and saving the Army money.

"This suggestion took effect right away by eliminating reject units off the line. Ultimately the biggest benefit to CAAA will be the cost savings from the reject unit," Dant said. He added that once he identified the issue, he received full support to make a change.

"Once made aware of the problem I got a lot of support from managers due to the magnitude of this issue. Everyone was very helpful to resolve the problem so we can be as efficient as possible," he said.

When presenting Dant with his award for the suggestion, CAAA Commander Col. Charles Kibben expressed to the workers of the countermeasures division the importance and difference the Beneficial Suggestion Program can make for both the Army and its employees.

"If you don't think that this program means something, let me tell you, it does," Kibben said. "Jordan got on the ball and came up with some ideas that saved the U.S. government a lot of money."

Although Dant knew that the program provided cash awards for suggestions, based on the amount saved by the government, he said he was surprised when the check was presented.

"Well, initially I was very shocked after learning how much money I would be receiving. I knew approximately how much the cost savings was in the long run and that it was vital at the time for the program," Dant said. "Since the colonel presented this award to me, it made it even more special."

He added, "If you have an idea or suggestion turn it in or tell someone. Speak out. We are all here for the same reason, and the ultimate goal is to run as efficient and safe as possible."

CAAA was established in October of 1977 and is a tenant of the Navy Region Midwest, Naval Support Activity Crane. The Army activity maintains ordnance professionals and infrastructure to receive, store, ship, produce, renovate and demilitarize conventional ammunition, missiles and related components.