CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait -- The Quick Reaction Force here is carried out by, Company A, 53rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion, part of the 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team from the Florida National Guard. Their task is to secure the camp and its surrounding areas from potential risk or harm.

QRF Soldiers wake up everyday and perform the same routine day in and day out, which has become second nature to them. Staff Sgt. Bennett Lacour, Platoon Sgt from Gainesville Fla., says Soldiers must be able to perform their job under stress and promptly react to a difficult situation.

" Leaders and Soldiers alike must be able to execute a myriad of tasks in an immediate, systematic and deliberate manner with little or no deliberation," said Lacour. "It's important for our Soldiers to develop hard, fast and practical routines that are executed multiple times a day in order to achieve this goal."

During the course of the QRF's day they have come into contact with things such as minor safety issues, wandering wildlife and friendly local nationals. According to Sgt. Chad Corriveau, 3rd Squad Leader, from Clermont Fla, it's great to build a rapport with the local nationals. They work to reassure the locals that this is their land and we are just trying to keep integrity for their nation's land.

For Company A security is key. When not patrolling the camp and its surrounding areas, they're constantly training to keep their Soldier skills sharp.

" The importance of constant training is to maintain tactical and technical proficiency," said 1st Sgt. George Rosa, 1st Sgt for Company A. "All of the skills we have are perishable, if we don't use them frequently, then they may be lost."

Capt. Terrell Webb, Commander of Company A, says the scenarios that his Soldiers train on are replicated from actual events so they can learn from previous mistakes and make adjustments.

"It is best to use actual events rather than fabricate a scenario because you receive better training and you also learn some history," said Rosa. "It also helps the Soldiers to build confidence because they see that the training has worked before."

Keeping the troops of Camp Arifjan safe is a QRF priority, and Company A makes it a point of discussing safety with Soldiers on a regular basis.

"My company takes safety very seriously," said Webb. "1st Lt. Petkovsek, Company Executive Officer, holds weekly safety meetings with troops to discuss the effectiveness and implementation of the composite risk management plan. My Company was recognized by the Brigade with a Unit Safety Award for the months of March and April."