HEIDELBERG, Germany - Installation Management Command-Europe officials announced that garrisons across Europe have until July 22 to submit entries for the 2010 Lean Six Sigma Excellence Awards Program.

"The intent of LEAP is to recognize Army organizations and practitioners that have demonstrated excellence in Continuous Process Improvement and Lean Six Sigma capabilities," said David Reed IMCOM-Europe operations division. "The competition represents a great opportunity for garrisons to showcase their work."

Reed explained that the program also provides a mechanism to share CPI/LSS best practices and lessons learned across the Army. IMCOM-Europe officials will review nomination packages within theater for forwarding to the subsequent IMCOM and Army competitions.

The three award categories include:

Aca,!Ac Organizational Deployment Awards (ODA. This award recognizes LSS deployment excellence at the organizational level.

Aca,!Ac Project Team Awards (PTA). This award recognizes the outstanding contribution and results of individual LSS project teams.

Aca,!Ac Enterprise Level Project Sponsor Award (EPSA). This award recognizes the outstanding contribution and results performed by a Project Sponsor of an Enterprise Level MBB LSS DMAIC project.

Garrison DPTMS offices will receive instructions detailing awards criteria and submission requirements, said Reed. Individuals with questions about the program or nomination process may contact officials at DSN 370-7594.

"It's very important for agencies involved in CPI/LSS to prepare and submit nomination packets because this awards program is a way for us to demonstrate not only IMCOM's focus on being trusted stewards of resources, but also the Army's commitment," said Reed.

Installation Management Command was recognized at the Pentagon for continued successful Lean Six Sigma implementation and received the Organizational Deployment Award as part of the 2009 Army Lean Six Sigma Excellence Awards Program.