CAMP DARBY, Italy- Camp Darby hosted the first "Camp Darby Tuning Night" organized by the Evolution Tuning Club from Viareggio in conjunction with the Italian-American carnival on June 19.

"We enjoyed being able to share this opportunity with our Italian friends at an open community event such as this," said Lt. Col. Kevin Bigelman, U.S. Army Garrison Livorno commander. "This event was held in addition to the Italian American Carnival, and we hope this will become an annual event too."

Eighty-two cars competed in different categories of tuning to win trophies for Best in Show, Best Rims, Best Trunk, Best Lights, stickers, sound and more.

"It is a fantastic occasion to highlight the importance of friendship and share the passion for beautiful cars," said Salvo Andaloro, Evolution Tuning Club member.

"This is a very unique passion which, as all passions brings people together no matter where they come from or how different they are," said Stefano Salvadori, Evolution Tuning Club President.

According to Salvadori, each person tunes his car based on his own image and personality. Salvadori works as a bread distributor and said most of his pay goes to his car.

"This is a terribly expensive hobby but I still want to say that everyone that has a passion should really cultivate it," said Salvadori. "My motto is: don't dream it, do it".

Staff. Sgt. Don Capen, 731st Munitions Squadron, entered his 5.7 V8 HEMI Dodge Magnum Inferno Red.

"I have been working on this car's tuning since 2005," said Capen. "I devote most of my spare time to this passion of mine."

Capen's car won "Best American Car" and placed in the top "Best in Show". Additionally, Staff Sgt. Shawn McKenna, 511th Military Police Platoon, won "Best Japanese Car" with his Mazda RX8.

The car show ended around midnight with a recognition ceremony. Salvadori added that they are looking forward to more Camp Darby personnel participating in future Evolution Night events.