FORT HOOD, Texas - Capt. Dwight C. Thompson not only shares a name with his father, he also chose to follow in his father's footsteps as an Army officer.Thompson's parents both traveled from the west coast to attend his promotion ceremony June 9, and his father, Col. Dwight A. Thompson, performed the promotion at the 4th Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)."It's a big deal for me to see my son wearing the uniform and to see him serving the country," said Col. Thompson. "He cares about his Soldiers, and he cares about his commitment. He wants to be an excellent leader."Col. Thompson said that while he is very proud of his son, it was his son's choice to join the Army."I feel that, especially to be an officer and a leader, it has to be a personal choice to make that commitment," he said. "My main advice to him was to always take care of his Soldiers, and he has followed that advice.Capt. Thompson said that he asked his father to come and promote him. He wanted both of his parents to attend the promotion."I wanted to be a good officer and serve the country, like I saw my father doing," said Capt. Thompson. "I'm excited to make this progress in my career and I want to move on and do greater things."This promotion was special because his family was unable to attend his last promotion ceremony, which took place in Iraq."I'm extremely proud of my son," said Capt. Thompson's mother, Irene Arden. "I'm very happy to see him follow my husband's example. We encouraged him and, though we were unable to attend his last promotion, we went to every graduation while he was in training."Arden said there is a long military tradition in the family, and both of Thompson's grandfathers were Army veterans from World War II.