LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Hearts thumping, fingers twitching, beads of sweat rolling down their faces. They are ready for action, waiting for the signal. A loud buzz sounds and they charge forward rolling to the nearest obstacle that will provide adequate concealment. One is too slow. He comes up short and seconds later he is gunned down mercilessly. As the Soldier's labored breathing moves his chest up and down in slow, agonizing bursts you can see where he was hit by the red, blue, purple and yellow splotches. All the colors of the rainbow. This was one of many scenarios that took place at Asylum Paintball in Louisville, Ky. Jun. 4 as Soldiers from the 233rd Transportation Company participated in paintball, sponsored by the Army's Warrior Adventure Quest Program (WAQ). Warrior Adventure Quest aims to provide high-intensity recreation for Soldiers during their transition from deployment to garrison life. The idea is to give Soldiers a safe environment to engage in strenuous activities, such as paintball, skeet shooting and whitewater rafting. Through these activities Soldiers are able to channel excess energy, build teamwork and just have a good time. "Since getting back from Iraq we haven't really done anything except work at the motor pool. It felt great to go out and do something different," said Sgt. Christian Knowsley, a supply sergeant from Buckingham, Va. "I had a great time, it was fun working together as team planning and attempting to execute our strategies," said Spc. Samarys Ortiz, a supply clerk from Humacao, Puerto Rico. "It definitely helped build some unit cohesion, especially since people have been coming in and out since we got back." 1st Lt. James Crump, 2nd platoon leader from Glasgow, Ky., got an e-mail about WAQ several weeks ago and recognized the potential benefits of the program for his unit. "After reading about the [WAQ] program, I thought it would be a great opportunity for my Soldiers to change it up and do something different, and after today I think it really made a difference," said Crump, a frequent target for paintball rounds. At the end of the day, Soldiers from the 233rd came back a little dirty, tired and bruised, but they came back stronger, with a little bit more trust in the person next to them and ready for whatever lies ahead. Story and photos by 2nd Lt. Sean Chang, 233rd Transportation Company, 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) public affairs. For queries, contact 3d Sustainment Command Public Affairs at: (502) 624-8601. For high-resolution photos and stories by the 3d Sustainment Command, please contact the Digital Video and Imagery Distribution System by calling (678) 421-6612 or access them online at http://www.dvidshub.net/units/3sce.