PENTAGON (June 14, 2010) -- The Army recently issued a message for all troops and units to inspect their body armor, specifically the Enhanced Small Arms Protective Inserts, or ESAPI, in search of a specific model that was not made according to contract requirements.Fortunately, the recalled plates have passed all ballistic tests so Soldiers who may have been using the plates were always properly protected. However, in order to receive replacement plates under the warranty, all the recalled plates must be turned in.The nonconforming plates were produced by Armor Works, who have provided 150,000 ESAPI plates, about 10 percent of the Department of Defense's total supply. Of these 150,000, about nine percent (13,500) were not made according to specification.How to identify a recalled ESAPI plateESAPI plates that should be turned in to the Central Issue Facility for replacement will display the contract number SPM1C1-08-D-1023 along with one of two design codes - DD3V2 or MP2.The contract number and design code are both located on the data tag on the back of the plate. The contract number is in the upper right corner of the data tag, and the design code is the last three to five characters of the DOM/LOT number.