More than 110 competitors participated in the fifth annual Reverse Sprint Triathlon June 6 that began at the Family Entertainment Center on Main Post and ended at the Carey Pool following a 10K run, 20K bike ride and a 550-meter swim.

FORT BENNING, GA. - Twenty-four-year-old Adam Pugh, son of MAJs(R) Mary Jo and Fred Pugh, took first place overall in the male category with a three-event time of one hour, two minutes. He took first in the run, second in the bike ride and third in the swim.

"I had a good run time, but when I got on the bike, I was worried," Pugh said. "I kept looking back, but luckily, I held them (the other competitors) off."

Although the swim was only 10 minutes long, Pugh said, he had to stay mentally strong.

"The swim was the most difficult because by that time, my whole body was tired, but I kept going," he said. "The guy behind me was my motivation to keep going."

The key to triathlons is staying mentally strong, said 21-year-old Karen Horvath, who earned the top overall female spot with a combined time of 1:05:58, taking first in all three events.

"Triathlons are all about your mental approach," she said. "If you think you can't do it, then you can't. It's mind over matter."

Horvath, wife of Officer Candidate Eric Horvath, has participated in regular sprint triathlons before, but said the reverse factor of the race changed her plan.

"The most challenging part of the race was knowing how to pace myself on the run because in most triathlons, the run is the last part so I could sprint and if I'm tired, oh well, but I had to bike right after the race," she said. After I got through the bike (event), I knew I would be OK at swimming. I have swam for 17 years."

Overall, she said she was happy with her results.

"My goal was to finish at around an hour and five minutes and I did that," she said.

Hugh and Horvath received leis, a Fort Benning cycling uniform and a glass award for their finish.

Even with a threat of rain and the event taking place on a Sunday instead of a Saturday this year, the turnout was good, said Kelly Pulliam, event coordinator. Pulliam said the event will be moved back to a Saturday in 2011.

The top three competitors in each age group, including individuals and teams, earned medals.

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