ARLINGTON, Va. (Army News Service, June 10, 2010) - Gov. Dave Freudenthal authorized about 100 Wyoming National Guard members this week to assist with the state's disaster relief efforts in the flooded areas of Fremont County, Wyo.

"We are anticipating that the floodwaters will continue to rise in various rivers throughout the county over the course of the next couple of days," 2nd Lt. Christian Venhuizen, a spokesperson for the Wyoming Guard, told the Associated Press on Tuesday.

The Guard members are working with local responders through the state's Office of Homeland Security.

Officials said their equipment and manpower are helping bring thousands of sandbags to the area to shut out the flood waters. They are also helping deliver food and water to those affected, among other missions.

An emergency declaration on June 7 stated that the spring runoff effected stream and river drainage and flooding caused severe damage to public property and disrupted utility service.

"The disaster declaration enables or allows for state resources to be used in support of Fremont County," said Larry Majerus deputy director for the state's Homeland Security office, in a state press release.

In Hawaii, the local media reported Tuesday that a brush fire which cut off roadways is burning thousands of acres in Maui.

Two Army Guard UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and aircrews were called up by the governor to assist fire crews in dousing the flames.

(Master Sgt. Mike R. Smith, USAF writes for the National Guard Bureau.)