REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - Have you seen some new faces roaming the halls of the "Army's Face to the World'" There are several new SWAP contractors (Students Working at the Army in Parallel) at USASAC from the UA Huntsville SMAP Center (Systems Management and Production Center). The SMAP Center employs students or recent graduates as contract employees with the Army, with the aim of transitioning to a government position.

Check out the following Q & A and get to know the USASAC SWAPs.

1. Are you finished with your degree or still in college' What is your degree'
2. What are your hobbies'
3. What brought you to Huntsville'
4. What department of USASAC do you work in'
5. What do you like about the SWAP program'
6. What interesting thing have you learned about USASAC or the Army'

Rob Rivard
1. I finished my Master's in Business Administration in December 2009.
2. I'm fond of science fiction novels, a little art on the side, bad comedy, psychology and the occasional video gaming with friends.
3. I was born and raised in Huntsville, and the job kept me here.
4. CENTCOM. I work as part of the Iraq program providing support for our business with several of the LCMCs (Life Cycle Management Commands) and handle the daily updates of the EDRB charts (Equipment Distribution Review Board), which is briefed to the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army.
5. The SWAP program provided me an opportunity to get into an interesting and fast-paced (at least, Iraq is fast-paced) job that's never the same thing two days in a row. The job also provides me with access to travel opportunities.
6. While learning about how we do business has been interesting, the best part by far has been the opportunity (and, well, necessity) to learn about other cultures and work on cross-culture interactions.

Blake Terrell
1. I graduated in 2009 from Shorter College with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Economics.
2. Golf, disc golf, hunting, fishing ... pretty much anything outdoors.
3. I have always lived in the surrounding area.
4. I work in the Resource Management Division.
5. I like the opportunity that the SWAP program presents.
6. The most interesting thing I have learned about USASAC is the role we play in other countries' military defenses.

Beth Henderson
1. I have two degrees from UA Huntsville. I finished my MBA in December and have a BSBA in Management. In addition, I am a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) by the Project Management Institute (PMI).
2. Mostly keeping up with my seven-year-old and her activities. I enjoy reading and gardening.
3. I grew up in the area.
4. I work in PACOM, primarily with the Japan program.
5. It has offered me an opportunity to work with the government and learn about Foreign Military sales.
6. I had the opportunity in January to aid in preparations for a visit from a Japanese Major General. I enjoyed learning about the cultural protocol involved and the chance to see the interaction between the representatives of the two countries.

Candice Thomas
1. I completed my Bachelor's degree in May 2009. My major was Business Administration with a concentration in Logistics. I plan to begin my Master's degree program in the fall in Management.
2. I like to travel, paint and read.
3. I am from the Decatur/Huntsville area.
4. I work in EUCOM.
5. I like that I am able to gain knowledgeable experience from senior employees in a developmental program that challenges me in new ways.
6. I have learned that USASAC plays an important role in the overall goal of providing support for foreign countries and everyone's position is vital to ensure we meet and exceed our goals.

USASAC is proud to welcome these new "faces" to the Security Assistance community.