Third Army hosted seven women from the Jordanian military for a Women's Forum May 4-6 at Ft. Lee, Va., designed to increase interoperability between the two countries.

"The intent for this exchange was to bring together female Soldiers from the Jordanian military and the U.S. Army to show the many different jobs women hold in the U.S. military," said Sgt. 1st Class Sidney Curtis, Third Army/U.S. Army Central Arabian Peninsula and Levant NCOIC. "This event took participants through a tour of the many different organizations on Fort Lee."

The exchange played a key role in building relationships between the two countries while also shaping the future. As the Jordanian participants toured Fort Lee's Kenner Army Health Clinic and the Soldier Support Center, they said they saw things that could be incorporated back home.

"I really like the advisor who tells you about your medicine and how to properly use it after you pick it up at the pharmacy," Jordanian Maj. Kefayeh Hiyasat said. "Another good idea is the play area with big televisions for the children to stay entertained while their parents are getting medical care."

In addition to medical services, Jordanian drill sergeant, Sgt. 1st Class Abeer Bani Mustafa, felt the new ordinance barracks and classrooms were conducive to learning.

"The classrooms we visited were very hi-tech and comfortable," Mustafa said. "They offered a lot of options in terms of work space and computer equipment."

The exchange is one of more than 200 theater security cooperation events designed to foster relationships that Third Army has held over the past two years. This is the second year Curtis has attended the forum and has seen the important role it plays.

"I believe this exchange has helped out greatly because we do have a large female military force across our ranks. It is helping to build understanding and increasing military to military relationships for when work together in the future."