U.S. Army Garrison - Rock Island Arsenal (RIA) and other activity leadership are committed to provide its personnel with a safe and healthy place to work. The Threat Assessment Team (TAT) was established as a proactive multidisciplinary approach to prevent, evaluate, and assess the potential for workplace violence. Members of the TAT include RIA representatives from the Army Substance Abuse Program/Employee Assistance Program (ASAP/EAP), Law Enforcement Division/Criminal Investigator, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC), and Office of Counsel along with consultations provided by the Health Clinic, Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEO), and Safety Office if indicated.

As soon as a threat, or potential threat, is identified, employees are encouraged to immediately notify their supervisors to request a TAT meeting. The TAT will convene immediately and review the situation. As a team, the TAT will decide on a course of action. Based on this assessment, the TAT will develop recommendations for preventative actions. These actions may include immediate intervention from security, separation from the workplace, temporary reassignment, protection plan for potential victim(s), criminal investigation, discussion with the subject regarding his/her threatening behavior, and crisis intervention with the victim(s) or others who may have been negatively affected by the incident.

To activate a TAT in response to a serious threat of harm, supervisors may contact the RIA ASAP/EAP office at (309) 782-4357, RIA Law Enforcement at (309) 782-1138 or (309) 782-2029, or the servicing CPAC office personnel. Employees and supervisors are urged to call 911 immediately in the event of imminent or actual violence.