KILLEEN, Texas - The last few days before summer vacation can be tough to sit through for many students and their teachers. Final assignments have been turned in and there may be a lot of down time in the classroom.2nd Lt. Bryan Langley, from the 4th Sustainment Brigade, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), decided to help relieve some of this boredom while providing a learning experience for students at Nolan Middle School.Soldiers from the 418th Transportation Company, 4th Brigade Troops Battalion brought three military vehicles to their adopted school and offered brief presentations to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students throughout the school day May 25."Kids are typically burnt out at the end of the school year and I thought it would be fun for them and for us if we brought some trucks out," said Langley. "We're happy to have a chance to show the students how their classes relate to the real world."The Soldiers quizzed the students after each presentation, to ensure that they paid attention and that they were learning from the event."The kids came out during their math and history classes," said Langley. "We tried to tie these subjects into our discussion with them. Math is usually the least interesting subject to a 7th grader, and it was nice to be able to show them that it can be interesting."Lt. Col. John Hickey, the commander of the Wolfpack Battalion, watched his Soldiers in action and spoke to a couple of classes between presentations. He used it as a teaching opportunity to discuss the military and volunteer work."It's easy to do things for yourself," he said. "But it's a whole different thing when you can do something for others, especially when you have everything you need."Sgt. Clarence Stevens spent the day showing off the various functions of a Light Medium Tactical Vehicle to groups of students. He is a driving instructor for the 418th Trans. Co, and he kept the students engaged with his enthusiastic description of the truck."I often teach Soldiers how to drive this vehicle," he said. "But I never get to tell anyone else about it. This is a big change from my normal workday."Classes also had a chance to see first-hand the differences between Humvees, and they also learned about the Army's Palletized Load System.Each class finished up with a snack of Girl Scout cookies donated by the unit's Family Readiness Group.