KILLEEN, Texas - For the past few years, 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) Soldiers have acted as positive role models to the young minds at East Ward Elementary School.13th ESC troops carried on that tradition during a two-day field event at the school May 20 - 21. Students and Soldiers enjoyed events such as a bounce house, sack race, and a very competitive tug of war match in the morning's sunny weather.Seven Soldiers, including Sgt. 1st Class Bryon Morgan, a rear detachment first sergeant, helped run the field day event and even participated."It's a lot of fun and I love it," said Morgan.Morgan, who has three children of his own, has been with the 13th ESC for three years now. He said his unit helps mentor students at East Ward, and they help with the reading program through the Adopt-A-School program."We're also planning to judge in the science fair coming up," he said. "We have a lot of mentors close to the school so they can drop in to help very often."Morgan added that many of the 13th ESC Soldiers working in the Adopt-A-School program at East Ward are parents as well; making the impact even greater."We're exercising our Soldiers in community relations because it's the same type of thing we'll do down range, working with the local civilians and children," he said.Playing alongside grade-school students were Soldiers such as Pfc. Jeremy Moore, who couldn't help but smile and laugh during the parachute and freeze tag events."They've done a great job with all of their support," said Doretha Meissner, an assistant principal for East Ward. "It's wonderful for our young students to see men, very strong role models, and maintain a connection."The unit's headquarters is scheduled to return to Fort Hood this summer.