STUTTGART, Germany - Army Space Soldiers from Alpha Detachment , 1st Space Company, have completed an exhausting month of physical training and Army Combatives, in addition to their daily missile warning mission.

These Soldiers are part of a unit better know at the Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTAGS) Europe. There are four of these units located across the globe performing their duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

During the first week of May, Alpha Detachment was awarded with the Physical Fitness streamer by Lt. Col John D. Price, commander of the 1st Space Battalion based out of Colorado Springs, Colo. The detachment achieved the highest average PT score during the 2009 Best Crew Competitions last fall, with an average PT score of 273.

There was no rest as selected Soldiers from the detachment completed Level 1 Army Combatives certifications during the week of May 17-21. The course was instructed by Staff Sgt. James Harris of JTAGS Japan.

The students taking part in the training included Spc. Nathan Chapa, Spc. Samuel Coker, Sgt. Melinda Saltzmann, Sgt. Sean Carriere, and Spc. Renaldo Machado. They underwent four days of rigorous training to prepare them for the final day's events, where each Soldier performed exceptionally well and earned their Level 1 certifications.

The final week on the month saw members of JTAGS Europe conducting Shelter Mobilization training on May 25.

This training was completed to ensure that each Soldier has a thorough understanding of how to transport the JTAGS shelter system using the Dolly Set.

The 1st Space Company motto of "Rest Assured" emphasizes the importance to JTAGS crews that as long as they are on watch, the homeland of the U.S., deployed U.S. forces, friends and allies can indeed "Rest Assured" with JTAGS operators on mission.