FORT HOOD, Texas -Waiting to walk into the Clear Creek Commissary, here, May 11, Spc. Rob Manning, from Battle Creek, Mich. said he was eager to see what the commissary had in store for him and other single Soldiers.

May is Commissary Appreciation Month and the Clear Creek Commissary has reached out to sponsor the Fort Hood Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers Program and give the division's single Soldiers a chance to tour the commissary and learn the benefits of shopping there.

"This is my first duty station and I think this is a good opportunity for single Soldiers like me to see what the commissary has to offer," Manning said.

During the tour Soldiers followed the store manager, Betty Carey through certain departments that promoted this year's theme of "Be Healthy - Be Active Your Way!" Department personnel spoke to the Soldiers about the specifics of their area and how it can benefit each Soldier.

"I love anything I can do for any of my Soldiers," Carey said. "I've done as many as 48 outreaches in one year to support the Soldiers and the community."

Produce manager Shirley Shivers said that the tour is a good way for Soldiers to familiarize themselves with the commissary.

"It allows them the opportunity to see what we offer and our pricing," she said.

The commissary sponsored the BOSS program to afford Soldiers the opportunity to learn how the commissary is one of the many valuable resources available to Soldiers on Fort Hood.

"It is easier and more convenient for Soldiers to come here to the commissary than any other grocery store off post," said Sgt. Zoraida Sanchez, a native of Jersey City, N.J. and the BOSS representative for Division Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, 1st Cav. Div.

Once the tour had ended everyone was taken outside to participate in events, like cantaloupe bowling, where they could win gift certificates to shop in the commissary. Healthy snacks and drinks were also provided by the commissary to further promote healthy eating and living for the Soldiers.

Upon completion of the morning's events Manning added that he was impressed with the tour and games they had set up to promote a healthy lifestyle.

"The management seems very knowledgeable and they were excited to show us their departments."