BAGHDAD - Soldiers of Company B, 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, transferred Joint Security Station Cahill on May 17 to members of 1st Battalion, 45th Brigade, 11th Iraqi Army Division, assigned to 9th Iraqi Mechanized Army Division.

The transfer comes as Iraqi Security Forces in the area, specifically 1-45 IA, have proven their abilities in providing security for the local population. They have contributed to a 59-percent decrease in insurgent activities throughout the Mada'in area of Baghdad in the past year.

"There is a level of trust between the people and the ISF in this area that did not exist even two years ago," said Capt. Robert Parsons, commander of Company B, 4-31. "It's because of the professionalism and values of 1-45 IA Battalion."

The 1-45 and 11th IA have conducted training, patrols and humanitarian assistance missions in the Mada'in district over the past seven months advised and assisted by the U.S. Soldiers.

The transfer ceremony took place at JSS Cahill with numerous Iraqi army officers, soldiers and U.S. Soldiers participating.

"Our soldiers in this brigade will be the front against anybody who tries to destroy the security in the Mada'in area," said Col. Karim Freyek, commander of 1-45 IA.

In accordance with the Security Agreement, the security station will either be returned to the control of an appropriate Iraqi entity or demilitarized and closed. Facilities such as JSS Cahill are able to be closed or transferred to Iraqi control because the Iraqi Security Forces have assumed full responsibility for security in their respective areas. JSS Cahill is the seventh JSS to be transferred to the ISF in the 2nd BCT operational environment.