PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. - Presidio of Monterey community members will find more parking spaces here May 20.

The new parking lot, which replaced the former Non-commissioned Officers apartments that were next to the Tin Barn, is a part of the new General Instruction Building (GIB) construction project.

The parking lot will bring 100 new spaces; however, with the loss of double that amount with the building of the new GIB, new is arguable said Will Meyer, Directorate of Public Works project manager.

"We lost 200 spaces with the building of the GIB," Meyer said. The new project is being constructed between the Collins and Munakata buildings' former parking lot.

"We were originally going to build three parking lots, but now the other two will be built along with a (future) GIB project," Meyer said.

"In order to make progress, people are going to suffer some of the pain that comes with building the things you need."

Meyer said that the loss will affect the community for at least a year and are encouraged to find alternate means of travel that would avoid having to hunt for parking.

"Public transportation is highly encouraged or carpool as much as possible," Meyer suggested.

The new parking lot will be open to faculty, staff and students of the Presidio.