PENTAGON (May 20, 2010) -- The Army is recalling 44,000 combat helmets made by ArmorSource and Rabintex. If you were issued one of these helmets, you must turn it in to the Central Issue Facility to be issued a new helmet.

Here's how to tell if your helmet is part of the recall:

(1) The first thing to check for is the manufacturer's label [photo 1] which can be found under the helmet's ear flap. The label should say ArmorSource or Rabintex.

(2) If the label is not there, check the retention system hardware [photo 2], the screws that hold the chin strap to the helmet. If the helmet's hardware has a jacket bolt and machine screw, it was manufactured by ArmorSource or Rabintex and is part of the recall.

(3) Lastly, check for the helmet's bench mark [photo 3] on the inside crown of the helmet. You may have to remove some Velcro coins to see the bench mark. Some ArmorSource helmets will have the bench mark "ARS." However, some helmets do not have any bench mark.

If you can't identify the manufacturer using these check points, turn the helmet in for replacement.