RED RIVER ARMY DEPOT, Texas -- One of the U.S. Army Materiel Command's top leaders took a pulse check of operations here, April 28.

Lt. Gen. James Pillsbury, AMC's deputy commanding general, toured Red River Army Depot's facilities: receiving briefings, shaking hands, and giving a worker the occasional thumbs up and smile.

RRAD is designated as the center of industrial and technical excellence in Bradley Fighting Vehicles, Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, rubber products, Patriot missile recertification, tactical wheeled vehicles and the Small Emplacement Excavator vehicle.

RRAD is also key in the Reset of vehicles in the Army, explained Maj. Mike Hammond, aide to Pillsbury. On one side of the line, a vehicle is stripped down and on the other, another vehicle is built. It saves the Army money.

"There are a lot of things I worry about. Fortunately, Red River is not one of them," complimented Pillsbury.

Briefings were not traditional slide updates, but interaction with team leaders and every day workers.

Pillsbury's questions ranged from manpower to money.

AMC is an organization with more than 66,000 Soldiers and civilians and questions to both complex and simple problems need a solution.

"Do you have enough people to complete the mission'" questioned Pillsbury.

Pillsbury did not miss anything at RRAD -- from the axle of a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle to a single screw on the ground.

The tour concluded with a sit-down briefing, rolling through topics such as the Logistics Modernization Program.

"There is nothing more important, short of the support of our Soldiers, than LMP, and I don't lose sleep over it," said Pillsbury. "My sense is you've got it under control."

In any organization, nothing is perfect and AMC is no exception. Pillsbury left the table with 19 new problems to fix.

"There is going to be trouble, but we have to make sure we don't fall to our knees and stop production," encouraged Pillsbury. And RRAD's unofficial motto explains why: "Building it as if our lives depended on it. Theirs [the warfighters] do!"