ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. - Anniston Army Depot was recently awarded the Industrial Operations Safety Award, depot level, for fiscal year 2009. This award, presented by the Secretary/Chief of Staff of the Army, is given to the installation that demonstrates the highest level of dedication to safety.

"This honor speaks volumes about the entire depot family," said Sue Turton, depot safety officer. "The missions we routinely perform are considered high risk or high hazard in safety lingo. We were selected because of the fantastic work everyone did while at the same time, reducing injuries and the associated costs."

The depot earned this award by following policies that kept safety at the forefront of every process. This focus helped the installation achieve several safety milestones during FY2009.

Among them:

Aca,!Ac Reducing the total injuries rate by 15 percent from FY2008 and 25 percent from FY2007.

Aca,!Ac Reducing the total injury case rate by 24 percent compared to FY2008 and 41 percent compared to FY 2007.

Aca,!Ac Increasing the number of years since the last Class A or B accident to more than 18.

"The continuing downward trend in our safety statistics is especially noteworthy in light of the high operational tempo and changing workload. We are continuing the trend this year, and are presently meeting our goal to reduce injuries by another five percent. This achievement is a direct result of the collective commitment to not only getting work done, but doing it right, and doing it safely," said Turton.

ANAD's commitment to safety begins with the leadership. Safety is one of the seven strategic goals of the installation. This commitment leads the staff of the safety program to spend more than 75 percent of their time on the shop floor giving guidance and safety advice to the workforce.

The safety monitor program, workforce incentive programs and The Morning Show were all listed in the nomination as ways the depot works to improve safety.

The Lean and Six Sigma programs have also been instrumental in correcting safety issues. During each Lean event, at least three safety issues must be identified and addressed.

Everyone on the installation - from the depot employees in the shops to the contract workers building new facilities - contributed to this prestigious award. Keep up the good work and stay safe.