ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. - Anniston Defense Munitions Center recently welcomed a group of Soldiers from the Fort McClellan-based 167th Theater Sustainment Command. The purpose of the visit was to give the Soldiers a look at the mission performed at ADMC and how the warfighter is supported first hand through these efforts.

The group consisted of officers, warrant officers and non-commissioned officers who make up part of the 167th TSC's Support Operations Group. The 167th is an Army National Guard unit comprised of active duty Army members, active guard/reserve soldiers and traditional National Guardsmen.

Their mission is to provide support to forward units of the armed forces and other government agencies in the event of a natural disaster or other catastrophe anywhere in North America. The group was led by Lt. Col. Andy Davis, 167th TSC deputy support operations officer.

The day began with ADMC Commander Lt. Col. Duncan MacMullen greeting the guests at ADMC Headquarters and briefing the Soldiers about ADMC's mission and the effect that mission has on the Army's strategic goals.

The visitors then received a safety briefing from Donna Crow, ADMC safety officer, to prepare them for a trip to the Ammunition Limited Area. The first stop on the trip was ADMC's open burn grounds, located at the demilitarization area. The guests were able to watch the open burn disposal of more than 8,000 pounds of Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire guided missile propellant.

After the open burn concluded, the group was taken to ADMC's TOW missile recycling center to observe the one-of-a-kind missile recycling effort. They were shown how missiles are unloaded, unpacked and dismantled in an effort to effectively and efficiently demilitarize weapons while also protecting the environment.

"This visit gave us a chance to see how changes in the Army mission can be implemented and see those changes from the depot level all the way to the warfighter," said Chief Warrant Officer James Jefferson, 167th TSC senior ammunition technician.

The group also viewed one of ADMC's ammunition bunkers, or igloos as they are more commonly called. This gave the guests the chance to see how munitions are stored and kept readily available for fast shipment to the warfighter.

The group visited one of ADMC's many loading and shipping docks during the visit to witness a munitions out-load take place. The Soldiers observed as ADMC personnel inspected, loaded, braced and finalized containers for a shipment.

"This gave us a great opportunity to see how ammunition is stored and shipped and see the complete spectrum from depot to warfighter," said Davis.

"The theater sustainment commands are critical operational links between the strategic base and the tactical units. Fostering a solid understanding of depot capabilities with the leaders of the 167th TSC is a great way to ensure the nation's best possible support is delivered to the warfighters," said MacMullen.

When asked how this visit would benefit the 167th TSC and their mission, Staff Sgt. Alexander Noel, ammunition inspector said, "This visit gave us all a broader understanding of what goes on with ammunition behind the scenes and how it reaches the warfighter in a safe and timely manner."