Electric Vehicles make it to Fort Gordon
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Fifteen environmentally and economically friendly vehicles hit the streets of Fort Gordon this week.

"This is part of the Go-Green initiative," said Allan Marble, chief of the Directorate of Logistics, at a ribbon cutting ceremony Monday.

The Department of the Army plans to lease 1,600 low-speed electric vehicles this year and add an additional 2,400 next year in its effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 34 percent. Marble said the use of the vehicles will provide significant cost savings in addition to being environmentally friendly.

"Each of the vehicles will replace a fossil fuel vehicle," he said.

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Foley, Fort Gordon's commanding general and Chief of Signal, said the use of the vehicles is just one more way Fort Gordon works to conserve the environment. There are many organizations on post focused on the environment and its health.

The preservation of wildlife, forests and water is a top concern at Fort Gordon, he said.

"Everything we do at some point has an effect on the environment," he said.

Not only did Fort Gordon celebrate the arrival of the new vehicles, but the off-post community had an interest as well.

Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver took a spin in one of the vehicles.

"We appreciate Fort Gordon's focus on sustainability and its Go-Green initiative," he said. "It's a goal of mine to lead the city in that direction."

Copenhaver said he'd like to replace some of the city's fleet of vehicles with the electric ones, where possible.