Defense Acquisition University, or the abbreviation DAU as it is more commonly called, is the premiere corporate university for all of the Defense Acquisition Workforce. If you are in an acquisition, technology or logistics career field DAU is of critical importance to you and your career - and you need to be aware of the resources available to you through DAU. Though DAU has multiple regional campuses located throughout the country, the Rock Island Arsenal community has a DAU campus right in its own backyard. The DAU Midwest Rock Island Arsenal Satellite Campus is located in Bldg. 56, second floor, room 222. Bill Zimmerman is the site manager and he can be reached at (309) 782-0475.

It is simple to say that DAU offers classes for the Defense Acquisition Workforce - but DAU is so much more. DAU offers the certification courses in over a dozen career fields ranging from cost estimating to contracting, from program management to government property management, from logistics to production, quality and manufacturing. These career field courses allow the acquisition, technology and logistics professional to meet the statutory requirements established through the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act. Travel, TDY, is an expensive and sometimes problematic issue for the working professional. DAU, by offering these mandatory courses right in your own backyard, allows your activity to reduce or eliminate these costs as well as allowing the professional to remain at home, thereby reducing any disruption to their everyday home schedule.

But, as we said, DAU is so much more than just classroom courses. DAU offers the acquisition professional access to knowledge on a 24/7 basis. DAU offers a variety of knowledge enhancing opportunities ranging from continuous learning modules to communities of practice. In our efforts to meet the needs of the acquisition professional in a technology driven environment DAU has the electronic resources of "Acquipedia" to the timely turnaround of our "Ask a Professor" requests and even the resources of DAU on iTunes University hosted by Apple Computer™. And DAU offers rapid deployment training, targeted training and face to face consulting efforts, i.e. mission assistance for your activity where you can meet with some of the leading experts in your career field - again, right in your own backyard! As your learning partner, DAU will be with you in the classroom, online, and in your workplace-- whenever and wherever you need us.

These are just a few of the many resources available to the acquisition, technology and logistics professional through DAU and the DAU Midwest Campus. And if we can "borrow" from a commercial, "But wait, there's more!" DAU Midwest hosts, sponsors and supports numerous other educational opportunities. DAU Midwest and the Rock Island Arsenal are hosting and sponsoring the DoD Acquisition (& Technology) Insight Day on May 6 at the iWireless Center. DAU provides support to the acquisition community through its Strategic Partnership and Learning Organization Agreements. These include collaboration with numerous colleges and universities in the Rock Island arsenal area including St. Ambrose University, Western Illinois University and Eastern Iowa Community College. DAU is establishing a Strategic Partnership with your organization here at RIA. These include agreements with the US Army Garrison, US Army Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center, Army Sustainment Command, Joint Munitions Command, First Army (in 2011) US Army Research and Development Engineering Center, US Army Audit Agency, Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center, US Army Corps of Engineers, TACOM Life Cycle Management Command and US Army Contracting Command - Rock Island Contracting Center.

Lastly, to meet the advanced educational needs of the acquisition professional DAU, in concert with Lawrence Technological University, offers a Master's degree through its Senior Service College Fellowship (SSCF). This 10-month leadership education program is a partnership between the Army, Air Force and DAU designed to provide senior-level civilians equivalent training to their military counterparts in preparation for major level leadership responsibilities. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive credit for Senior Service College attendance and credit for the Program Manager's Course (PMT 401). The program contains the following core areas: leadership, mentoring, research, national speakers, university courses, national security module, PMT 401, developmental site visits and a number of DAU classes related to leadership.

DAU's programs offer the depth and breadth of training, education, continuous learning, knowledge sharing assets, and mission assistance to meet the increasingly complex needs of the acquisition, technology and logistics professional. If you would like to explore some of the opportunities afforded you by DAU -- Check out the DAU website at or the DAU Midwest Website at We're right in your Backyard!