FORT SILL, Okla.--Did you know Fort Sill has redesigned many of its official Web pages' Visit us at

Many sites now include links to everything from official social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter to Fort Sill Town Hall meetings. Quickly sharing information and getting the message out are some of my top priorities and using these venues will allow me to let you know what's happening in almost real time.

To continue to reach out to the community and solicit feedback, visitors to our site have multiple avenues to reach installation leaders.

You'll notice a tab labeled "Tell the Commander" this is a new program where you may submit comments directly to me for a response. We also continue to receive great feedback via the Interactive Customer Evaluation system. I have committed myself to read each and every one of your comments each week. Please continue to use those tools, I truly appreciate the feedback.

The U.S. Fires Center of Excellence at Fort Sill and many other organizations have also fully engaged in SNS. You'll find some great photos on these sites such as the Family Covenant Event and photos from the Cannoneer. You may also note great events that have been posted on Flickr.

Fort Sill's quarterly Town Hall event site has also been redesigned. There, you will find archived video, questions and information detailing upcoming events.

The Town Hall meeting is only broadcast through local Cablevision. However, based on your ICE comments, we are working on plans to broadcast live via the garrison Internet site and are developing ways to interact live via Facebook.

One of the greatest Web pages for the community to be aware of is the Directorate of Family & Morale, Welfare, and Recreation's site. If you have never visited its site, please do at You will find a wide range of scheduled activities and community events to choose from.

As wonderful as the Internet may be, it's also very important to stay educated and in touch with areas concerning cyber security, Internet scams, identify theft and areas the Army terms as operational security. The media is consistently reporting Internet events where criminals are using technology to invade our homes and local, state and federal agencies.

But, keeping in mind some simple rules, we can do a lot to limit the success of those wishing to use this media to inflict harm.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has an excellent site which outlines its mission as: Four-fold. "First and foremost, to stop those behind the most serious computer intrusions and the spread of malicious code; second, to identify and thwart online sexual predators who use the Internet to meet and exploit children and to produce, possess or share child pornography; third, to counteract operations that target U.S. intellectual property, endangering our national security and competitiveness; and fourth, to dismantle national and transnational organized criminal enterprises engaging in Internet fraud."

Take some time to visit this site. They also have a great parents guide to Internet safety.

Within the Department of Defense, the "DoD has made a provision for the protection of their network assets to include your home computer. All DoD employees may download the latest anti-virus and firewall software now, even from home." This outstanding benefit is available via the Army Knowledge Management Portal, self-service, anti-virus link. Please remember that contractors and retirees are not included in this program. If you do not have access to this program, it's important to assess the many commercially available products and keep them up to date.

Keep in mind OPSEC is, in its simplest form, protecting information that can be used to piece together a puzzle about anything including your home and your work environment. Protecting information is critical to ensure we keep our nation and homes safe.

Fort Sill's Web presence continues to grow and provides an opportunity to share information about both Fort Sill and our community. As we expand our cyber footprint, let's do it safely.