PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. - The Presidio of Monterey's medical clinic, run by the California Medical Detachment, is in the final phase of a $22-million upgrade.

The clinic's interior will receive new pipes, lights and heating systems as well as state-of-the-art medical equipment that will raise the standard of care for the Presidio's active-duty service members and their families.

"With the growing number of patients and their needs, we saw that we needed to make the clinic more presentable and to improve the quality of care," said Capt. Robert Weber, CALMED executive officer.

CALMED was able to make the improvements once the dental clinic, which co-existed in the same building, moved into its own facility.

"It allows us to present a brand new face to the Presidio community and Naval Postgraduate School," Weber said.

The changes are more than cosmetic; patients will be treated in new exam rooms and with new medical equipment, he said.

"The office space, exam rooms, brand-new electrical system and boiler room Aca,!" pretty much everything inside is where the improvements are being done," Weber said.

Weber also said that the changes have been generally positive for patients, with the exception of some confusion as CALMED transitioned from using the trailer that served as the "front desk" to the new reception area.

"Overall the patients have been receptive to the changes and are impressed with the new addition," he said.

Weber praised his staff for enduring the storm that comes with working around building renovations.

"I give our staff a lot of credit," he said, explaining that while the renovation caused power issues as well as required the staff to move, "they were flexible and kept a positive outlook."

The result is the standard of care has been raised for CALMED and for the service members at POM, NPS and Ord Military Community, Weber said. "Our patients deserve the best and we want to make sure we give it to them."