FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. -- Fort Huachuca is striving to go greener. Weinstein Village which is being built near the East Gate is all about going green; from the construction to the final project.
Crews are building four, three story barracks with attached standard design medium company operations facilities to support the Advanced Initivuial Training mission. Each barracks building will hold 300 people.

A dining facility and battalion headquarters is also under construction for the AIT mission.

Throughout the construction crews are diverting 82 percent of the waste. Mario Torres, Field Engineer with Sundt says only 28 percent of the waste will go to a landfill, the rest will be recycled.

"We're saving cardboard, wood, plastic, metal, dry wall. Just about anything that can be recycled is," said Torres.

58 percent of the wood used on the project comes from the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC is an entity that controls where the materials come from.

"The intent is to use wood that can be re-grown in 20 to 30 years to avoid cutting old growth," said Michael Brown, Project Engineer US Army Corps of Engineers.

The overall project is looking to save 34.7 percent in energy savings compared to a building that is not green says Torres.

"Rough estimate is that the government will save 120 thousand dollars a year," said Torres.

Due to waterless urinals and low flow fixtures the project will save 33.5 percent in water savings compared to a building that it not green says Torres.

Light fixtures inside the buildings will have energy efficient light bulbs according to Torres and will not produce a lot of heat. Inside the barracks Soldiers will have the ability to control lighting and temperature in their own room. Occupancy sensors will also be installed throughout the buildings to cut costs and save energy.

"This project has about 20 percent recycled materials," said Torres. He says that 20 percent of the materials inside the structure are from recycled contents.

Once the Soldiers move into the barracks they'll have a recycling plan says Torres.

The outside of Weinstein Village will also be green. 70 percent of the site will be restored to its natural habitat. Torres says plants will be native to the area or adaptive to the area.

The barracks portion of the project is 88 percent complete. Brown says it's scheduled to be completed June 2. The battalion headquarters building is 96 percent complete. The project is scheduled to be completed April 27 according to Brown.

The dining facility is 68 percent complete and scheduled to be completed June 14.