Telling our children about what one does at work may not always paint the clearest picture for them. As part of Aprils Month of the Military Child, the Livorno Unit Elementary school held a career day event that brought the children to various units on Camp Darby.

At 3/405th Army Field Support Brigade, the youth got to see interesting equipment such as the M113 personnel carrier and numerous army tanks and vehicles. The children\'s excitement as they explored the military vehicles showed that no matter what the description of one's job may be, it could be the coolest and most exciting thing to young ones.

"Occupational days are a really good thing that gives the children an opportunity to visit organizations and to see facilities and to see occupations that they may be interested in doing when they grow up," said Lt. Col. Roger McCreary, commander of 3/405th AFSB.

Because not every child gets the chance to see what their parent or any Soldier or Airmen do on an average workday, Monica Falcon from the school age services said it was an educational experience for the children.

"I think they had a lot of fun here; there were a lot of smiling faces and a lot of really good questions," said Falcon.

Her son Jared was quick to add that he had a lot of fun riding in the tank.

"This was a unique experience for the children, the best thing in the world was riding tanks," said Stephanie Boyanowski-Marra, teacher. "It is extremely important for young children to get more involved in how the community around them works."

The kids also got a chance to visit the Camp Darby health clinic, the Military Police station, and American Forces Network Livorno.