WASHINGTON (Army News Service, April 19, 2010) -- The G-4 unveiled "Army Logistics Around the World" at the Pentagon April 16 to recognize the 300,000 logisticians who support more than 1.1 million Soldiers in 80 countries.

The 40-foot display consists of six energy-efficient flat-screen televisions, which each continuously display still photographs and videos -- the work being done by Army logisticians on six continents.

Lt. Gen. Mitchell H. Stevenson, Army deputy chief of staff for logistics, cited some of the work logisticians are presently doing - moving 5,800 containers and vehicles into Afghanistan weekly; transporting troops and their 3.4 million pieces of equipment out of Iraq; and, delivering nearly 9 million MREs and 7 million bottles of water to Haiti in support of humanitarian efforts.

"For 235 years, ever since General Washington accepted command of the Army, logisticians have been an essential part of our Army," said Stevenson. "We appreciate what General Eisenhower said, 'You will not find it difficult to prove that battles, campaigns and even wars have been won or lost primarily because of logistics.'"

Some other examples of what Army logisticians do around the clock include: loading and off-loading of more than 44 ships and 100 railcars daily; delivering an average of 370,000 pounds of mail daily in theater; and transporting nearly 1.5 million gallons of fuel and 340,000 gallons of bottled water used daily in Iraq and Afghanistan.