Staff Sgt (P) Jonathan Shumaker is a valued member of Expeditionary Contracting Command\'s 408th Contracting Support Brigade at Fort McPherson, Georgia.

Shumaker is one of the recent selectees of noncommissioned officers recruited into the 51C military occupational specialty, contingency contracting officer. Shumaker's previous worked as a Bradley Fighting Vehicle Systems Maintainer, 91M. He is currently serving in the contracting office in Qatar acquiring supplies and services needed by his fellow warfighters to sustain essential missions in response to a crisis, contingency or declaration of war. Shumaker works closely with Soldiers within the Qatar area of operation providing contractual support for current and future missions.

"It gives me a great sense of pride knowing that my hard work in support of the warfighters helps them in completing their mission," Shumaker said. "As a contracting NCO, I really see the difference and importance in providing great service to the warfighters in timely manner.

"It's important to me that anytime, anywhere warfighters have a need of contractual support, that I can procure the items or services to meet their needs. It is our jobs as NCO's to make it happen that's what NCOs do," said the 13 year veteran from Belleville, IL.