RED CLOUD GARRISON - Maj. Gen. Michael S. Tucker, 2nd Infantry Division commander, read a story to military children at the Red Cloud Library April 6.

To begin Military Children's Month, Tucker volunteered to come to the Red Cloud Library and read a story to the children of Families of Soldiers.

Before the story was read, the children sang and danced to nursery rhymes such as "Bingo" and the "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

After the singing and dancing was finished, children gathered around Tucker while he read the story of "The Kissing Hand."

The story was about a raccoon that had the power of magic and love in his paws, and spread that love to other animals by placing his paw on the cheeks of other animals.
The children were very entertained with the story and filled the room with a lot of laughter and smiles.

After the story was read, Tucker gathered up the children to cut a cake with a sword, and have refreshments.

"This event was great," said Nicole Darak, member of the Red Cloud Pear Blossom Cottage. "It shows the general is supportive of helping Families more comfortable here."

"Some of the children may not have known who was reading to them, but most children enjoyed story time." Darak said.

"I hope we have more events like this one in the future."

"I think more people will come to the weekly readings now because they know about it."

"It's good to know we are not only progressing as an Army post, but our military Families and Family support are progressing, which makes you feel glad about what's to come."

Gordon Imrie, Red Cloud Library director, said more people took notice and attended this event than in the past.

"I remember when only one parent and one child came," Imrie said. "I'm glad to see we have made progress and more Families are attending."

Reading a story can be a great way to communicate with children, entertain them and educate them at the same time, Darak said. The general did those things and I think the children will appreciate and remember this event for a while.