WASHINGTON (Army News Service, June 20, 2007) - Injured Soldiers whose military futures are being considered by Medical Evaluation Boards will soon have a means to track the process and ensure information accuracy through the MyMEB page on Army Knowledge Online.

The MyMEB site went live June 15 in a limited release designed to solicit feedback from a focus group of injured Soldiers before full release.

"This will provide Soldiers with an easy tool to view the progress of their own boards," said Michael P. Griffin, deputy director of U.S. Army Medical Command's patient administration division.

Medical Evaluation Boards are conducted at medical treatment facilities to determine if injured Soldiers meet medical-retention standards set in Army Regulation 40-501, "Standards of Medical Fitness." MEBs differ from Physical Evaluation Boards, which are conducted for the Army by Human Resources Command to determine if Soldiers can continue to serve and, if they cannot, to what disability benefits the Soldiers are entitled.

Located at <a href="https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/417118"target=_blank> https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/417118</a>, MyMEB automatically downloads information from the MEB Internal Tracking Tool database with a Soldier's matching Social Security number.

Soldiers can verify dates of physical exams and consults, or when reports and appeals have been initiated or approved. The site also includes links to information explaining the MEB process and terminology.

If a Soldier finds something inaccurate or questionable, he or she can contact the assigned Physician Evaluation Board Liaison Officer, who is listed at the top right of the screen.

MyMEB was developed by medical, information-management and administrative specialists to address a perceived need for Soldiers to know more about the MEB process and how it affects them. A focus group of injured Soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center helped evaluate and fine-tune the site.

(Jerry Harben writes for the U.S. Army Medical Command Public Affairs Office.)