BAGHDAD - Soldiers with Battery A, 2nd Battalion, 15th Field Artillery Regiment, said their final farewells to 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade, 1st Iraqi Federal Police Division, at a farewell dinner at Joint Security Station Shield April 4.The Soldiers of Battery A packed up their gear to move out of JSS Shield after working with federal policemen for more than six months. They conducted everything from patrols to raids together. Lately, the relationship has changed for 2-15 from joint missions to advising and assisting the police officers when they were asked."I feel they are very prepared - more prepared than when we started working with them. I have the utmost confidence they will be fine once we leave," said 1st Lt. Scott Caflisch, 1st Platoon leader, Battery A.Battery A also worked with the Iraqi Presidential Brigade and the National Iraqi Intelligence Agency in the Karada peninsula by sharing intelligence information, which resulted in the capture of numerous insurgents and criminals."Today is the ending of our partnership with [Iraqi Security Forces] in the Karada," said Capt. William Fisher of Tulsa, Okla., commander of Battery A. "[The dinner] represents our thanks and gratitude to them for their help and allows us to finalize our relationship with them in the peninsula."