REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala.-The U.S. Army Materiel Command and its subordinate commands have been honored with five Army level safety awards for fiscal year 2009.

"With thousands of people worldwide and millions of moving pieces, we are still able to sustain an exemplary safety record as shown by these awards" said Greg Berge, safety manager for the AMC safety office.

The U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command received the Industrial Operations Safety Award, division level. TACOM LCMC completed more than 30 million man hours of labor, while reducing the rate personnel missed work due to injury by 40% in a two years time span.

"This is injury reduction and accident reduction," explained Berge.

Anniston Army Depot was awarded the Industrial Operations Safety Award, depot level, for reducing its overall number of accidents by 15% and completing more than 9.4 million man hours of labor.

TACOM LCMC Transportation support team, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., received the Industrial Operations Safety Award for the detachment level.

This team with less than 50 people competed against everyone in the Army and won, said Berge. The support team provided maintenance to more than 900 vehicles for the Driver's Training School, without losing days due to injury.

The Joint Munitions Command was awarded the division level award for Excellence in Explosives Safety, while increasing its labor hours and reducing compensation costs by 35%.

"This implies that somehow, whether through education, training, changing of processes, the organization managed to reduce their workers' compensation costs by 35% when compared to the previous year," said Berge. "Worker's compensation is paid when an employee is injured on the job, so they managed to reduce their number of injuries or the severity of the injuries."

Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Kingsport, Tenn., received the Excellence in Explosives Safety Award, garrison level, after a stringent evaluation from the Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board, which evaluates safety and training procedures at any explosive or ammunitions location.

Holston Ammunition was rated as "green" in every evaluated area, which is a rare occurrence, Berge said.

Including the Army level winners, AMC awarded seven other safety related awards:

Aca,!AcSue Turton of Anniston Army Depot- Individual Award for excellence in Safety
Aca,!AcPine Bluff Arsenal- Industrial Operations Award, garrison level
Aca,!AcJoint Munitions Command- Exceptional Organization Award, division level
Aca,!AcRed River Army Depot- Exceptional Organization Award, brigade level
Aca,!AcAMC Band- Exceptional Organization Award and the Safety Streamer
Aca,!AcTACOM LCMC- the Safety Streamer