CASEY GARRISON South Korea - Cyclists from Warrior Country gathered to compete in a 30 kilometer bicycle race April 3 at USAG-Casey's Hanson Field House.

The race was run in three different divisions: Men's Division, 36 and older, Men's Division 35 and younger, and the Women's Division. Awards were given to those who placed 1-3 in each division.
The race started at the Hanson Field House near the swimming pool. The Warriors had to lap around the entire post three times to reach the finish line.

"I organize these events so Soldiers have something to do on their off time," said Randy Behr, Red Cloud Garrison Family, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation athletic director, sports division. "These events provide good exercise and friendly competition for Soldiers, Civilians and Family members.

Richard Gash placed 1 overall and in the Men's Division with a time of 52:48, and his wife, Staci, placed 1 in the Women's Division and third overall with a time of 56:40.

"We love doing these competitions," Gash said. "FMWR does a great job putting these events together. They are always able to provide fun events we can look forward to trying."

"We try to participate in all of these events," Staci said. "And, not just the biking events, we try to participate in the running events, the triathlon, and the team events, they are all great fun."
During this event, safety measures were enforced and bikers noticed that during the race.

"This event was so well run," Staci said. "There were road guards everywhere pulling buses and taxis over. They made sure safety was ensured, and it was good to know the race was safely run."

"Safety was good," Behr said. "We had the medics, the road guards, and the military police keeping an eye on the event, which was great."

The Gash's say they spend a lot of time training to be prepared for the event.

"We spend a lot of time running and exercising so we can maintain good athletic abilities and be ready for events like these," Staci said.

As far as the race was concerned, the Gash's described it as competitive fun.

"The only guys who beat me were Jason and this guy," Staci said while smiling and pointing to her husband.

"We are both happy about placing first in our divisions," Gash said. "I'm happy she didn't beat me."
Jason Hester placed 2 in the men's 35 and under division with a time of 52:49, and Michael Toney placed 3 with a time of 57:55.

In the men's 36 and older division, Thomas Graves placed 1 with a time of 52:48, Eric Corbett placed 2 with a time of 1:04:06, and Kraig Vanvleck placed 3 with a time 1:08:34.
"I think it's neat a husband and wife placed first in their events," Behr said. "I believe in the future we will have a husband and wife team competition, which will be fun for the whole family."