CASEY GARRISON, South Korea - More than 20 Soldiers, Civilians and Family members gathered outside the Warrior's Club April 3 to walk or run 5 kilometers to raise awareness of three causes being campaigned throughout the Army during the month of April.

"We organized the walk and run to bring recognition to three campaigns," said Annette Mandley of Casey Garrison Army Community Services. "We are celebrating the Month of the Military Child, bringing awareness of Child Abuse Prevention Month, and Prevention of Sexual Assault Awareness Month."

Mandley organized the run with the help of her colleagues at Casey Garrison ACS and those working with the Child, Youth and School Services division of ACS. Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation Sports Division helped in organizing the run route and safety features and plans for the event.

The run also featured a wide range of information in print, which included brochures about all three subjects sharing the purpose of the run.

Runners were not only awarded with information but also unique T-shirts, ACS bags, ballpoint pens and logo pins, but with something special to the community.

"The run also celebrates good health," Mandley said.

The runners and walkers were directed on a path, which left the parking lot of the Warrior's Club going east to Apache Range, looping around and back through Thunder Valley and around the helipad, looping the flag pole circling back to the Warrior's Club. The runners and walkers were directed to stay on the sidewalks because of the traffic and the 30 kilometer bicycle race being held in the same area.

Walkers were directed to turn around and return to the Warrior's Club after reaching Apache Range for a 2.5 kilometer course; runners continued on the 5 kilometer course.

"ACS, specifically Family Advocacy's mission, is to identify report, prevent, intervene, and treat all aspects of Family violence," Mandley said, "whether it is domestic violence, child abuse or neglect. To meet that mission there are several programs available, which includes individuals, couples, and group counseling, parenting classes, anger and stress management classes, couples communication, relationship building, as well as a new parent support programs. To access all this, all one has to do is come to ACS."