PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY, Calif. - The Presidio of Monterey Web site has a new calendar feature intended to better inform its users and visitors about events, ceremonies and recreation opportunities associated with the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center and the Garrison.

According to Al Macks, assistant webmaster for POM, the new calendar "has already saved us time while providing a better service than before." Macks said that he expected to add more events to the calendar as people find out about it.

Main Calendar
Upon arriving at the calendar, viewers will see all the loaded events aggregated to the "Main" page. Events of different types are loaded by color. There is a legend at the bottom of the page that links the color to the type of event. Currently, Army Community Service is yellow, Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation is blue, and green is for Installation -- events of wide interest to Garrison, DLIFLC and tenant units.

If a viewer wants to look at discrete calendar events, say all Army Community Services (ACS) events, they would click the "Event Type" selection. That brings the viewer to a page with a new window, whose first offering is: "Holiday."

If the viewer opens that dialog box that shows "Holiday," it will display the various calendars that can be selected to view its events and entries. Currently POM has loaded ACS, Installation and MWR calendars -- the "Holiday" calendar is pre-loaded-and will continue to add entries to them as far in the future as is practicable.

Event Details
Users can click on individual calendar entries to learn more about the event, with some events having a link to more information on the POM or other Web sites.

How to get there
Users may access the POM Calendar from the bottom of the POM front page: www.monterey
or directly through the link