GRAFENWOEHR, Germany - Intervene. Act. Motivate.

These are the words which complete the acronym I. A.M. Strong and are the steps every one of us has the responsibility to take when we see our fellow Soldiers and military family being sexually assaulted or harassed.

Musician Leigh Jones and her entourage shared that message with the Grafenwoehr community March 19.

Comedian Jay Black opened the show and really had the crowd in stitches with his self-deprecating humor.

The crowd was reeled back into the seriousness of the night's intent with the words of Sgt. Anthony Profit, Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers, or BOSS, vice-president at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

Profit's rap poetry invoked images of the effects this crime has on a Soldier and how it could be the ruination of that Soldier's life.

They illustrate further how the effectiveness of the Army is undermined when a Soldier cannot rely on his or her brothers and sisters in arms because of that event.

Fellow Soldier Sgt. Danny "BEE" Bullock, a rap/DJ artist from the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade stationed in Ansbach, Germany, followed Profit with his own rap interpretation of the I. A.M. Strong message.

The audience was also treated to the hip-hop sounds of Chicago-based group, Animate Objects.

The musical headliner of the evening was Leigh Jones, a rhythm and blues singer from Los Angeles. Jones said she loves Soldiers and was extremely happy to be able to perform for them because of all they do for our country.

Backing up Jones was former American Idol contestant Lakeisha Taylor, who rocked the house with songs by Gladys Knight and more.

"The show was a great venue for the message that was being delivered," said Naydy Perez, who came with her entire family. "Sexual harassment and sexual assault are factors that can contribute to the failure of any organization if awareness and training are not provided."