YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea - While continuing to deter external threats to South Korea, Eighth (Field) Army is taking a proactive approach to prevent potential insider violence.

"We're training our people to be alert for potential signs of trouble," said Eighth (Field) Army deputy provost marshal Lt. Col. Jeff Tousignant.

According to Tousignant, all Eighth Army personnel completed training earlier this year that provided indicators of an insider threat.

Among the indicators of an insider threat are advocating violence to achieve political, religious or ideological goals; advocating support for terrorist organizations or objectives; providing support to terrorists or suspected terrorists; association with known or suspected terrorists; repeated expressions of hatred or intolerance about American society, culture, government or the principles of the U.S. Constitution; repeated browsing of Web sites that promote violence against the United States; expressing an obligation to engage in violence or inciting others to do the same; purchasing bomb making materials or obtaining information about constructing explosives; active attempts or encouraging others to disobey orders, break laws or disrupt military activities; or familial ties to suspected international terrorists or terrorist supporters.

"The same vigilance used to identify a friend or foe on the battlefield should be employed when something seems amiss in a garrison or field setting," said Tousignant. "We encourage all Soldiers, civilians and family members to report any aberrant behavior they observe."

Eighth (Field) Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Joseph F. Fil Jr. said preventing insider violence starts with proactive leadership.

"Our leaders must know their people and provide the same kind of proactive leadership we use to defeat any threat," said Fil. "By adhering to the standards that have kept our Army strong for more than 234 years, we can identify and confront potential insider threats before they materialize."