FORT BENNING, Ga. - Are liverwurst sandwiches your favorite food' Is competitive cloud gazing your thing' Do you represent a group of duck herding enthusiasts' If so, today is your day.

It's National Liverwurst Day, Cloud Gazing Day, Duck Herding Day and anything else you want it to be. For all of those underrepresented among us, it's time to raise awareness about the dangers of running with scissors, time to promote fair play during hopscotch, time to celebrate the accomplishments of people with birthmarks in the shape of one of the 48 continental states.

That's right. Today is Make Your Own Holiday Day.

Held March 26 every year, this day fills in all the gaps left from every other national day, week or month. Credit is given to an ambiguous organization called the Wellness Permission League.

And it's taken hold, it seems. You'll get more than 5,000 hits on Google when you search for this special day, replete with people around the world mentioning how they plan to celebrate their day.

It's a whole lot easier than making a national holiday. That requires getting your congressman to take up your cause and bring it to the federal level - where hopefully your dream for National Chopstick Day will take the House and the Senate by storm.

If you're feeling unprepared for this holiday. You don't have a unique cause to fight for or an obscure hobby to celebrate, never fear. I have a few suggestions for this year's Make Your Own Holiday.

- I Love Susan Day.
I don't actually know anyone named Susan, but if it's the name of your wife, girlfriend, daughter or other significant individual, it's a sweet, although excessively cheesy, gesture. Feel free to swap out the name Susan with Fred, Jordan or Peaches, depending on who you want to honor most.

- Me Day
Try to be a bit more discreet with this one. For example, today I might want to honor French-speaking blonde photojournalists born in Kokomo, Ind. That significantly narrows the field to include .... probably just me. Think about who you are and celebrate yourself.

- Rest, Play and Have Fun Day
Is there anything better than R&R' I wouldn't inform your commander or boss that you have to take the day off in honor of this little known holiday, but it might hold some sway over friends and family. Let your husband know you can't help with dinner because you have to recognize this important day by kicking back and relaxing. But be careful of backfire: he may declare it Sit On the Couch and Do Nothing Day. Then neither one of you gets dinner.

- Broccoli Abstinence Day
Don't forget that for all the things you want to do, like hang out with friends and go on a mini-vacation, there are plenty of things you don't like to do. Use your day as a way to avoid what you dislike. Whether that's cleaning the bathroom or getting up early, it's time to call attention to it. Enjoy your broccoli-free day.

So let loose and express yourself. And remember: think outside the box. If you're thinking about National Talk in Elevators Day, Clam Chowder Day, Straw Hat Day, Hug a Vegetarian Day or Root Canal Appreciation Day - don't. Believe it or not, they've already been done.