WASHINGTON, D.C. - Starting this spring, about 220,000 Department of Defense employees currently under the National Security Personnel System will begin returning to General Schedule status - nearly a year ahead of schedule.

As for those assigned to Installation Management Command organizations, "We are moving out smartly to implement the Army's guidance and will transition our employees out of NSPS on Aug 15," said John B. Nerger, executive director of IMCOM.

Nerger made the following key points about the change over:

*Employees will not suffer a loss or decrease in their current pay.

*NSPS remains the pay system until the transition is complete. Meaning: IMCOM members must continue to work according to that system, such as using established performance objectives and conducting interim assessments.

*Employees converting GS system will return to the Total Army Performance Evaluation System, which has remained the performance management tool for most Army non-NSPS employees.

"We are working hard to ensure a smooth conversion process for everyone affected by this change," said Nerger.

Last October, President Barack Obama signed the 2010 National Authorization Act, which abolished NSPS, a pay-for-performance system, requiring all employees to be transitioned out of NSPS no later than January 2012. However, a small percentage of the workforce will be placed in acquisition or laboratory demonstration personnel systems.